Noteworthy - Listen. Love. Take Note.

The NoteWorthy concert series pairs gifted Black and brown artists from Charlotte’s music scene with classically trained musicians. It’s what happens when jazz, R&B, hip-hop, pop, Latin, and soul meet classical.

The NoteWorthy series is a collaboration between WDAV Classical Public Radio and Fair Play Music Equity Initiative. Our shared vision for this project is to build one Charlotte music community that values all voices. To learn more about WDAV and FAIR PLAY happenings that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, sign up for our NoteWorthy email list.


YUNG Citizen

with Casey Mink, Suzanne Polak & David Vergato

Dec 13, 2022

Virtual Premiere

Nathan Kam

with Mira Frisch, Alice Silva & arrangements by composer Madison Bush

Nov 9, 2022

Virtual Premiere

Nathan Kam

with Ben Geller & Jill O’Neill

Aug 24, 2022


Bravo Pueblo

with Marlene Ballena & Kania Mills

Jul 13, 2022

Greg Cox

with Jane Hart Brendle & Matt Darsey, featuring A$H.

May 26, 2022


with Kari Giles
& Jeremy Lamb

Jun 30, 2022


Harvey Cummings

with Kari Giles, Jane Hart Brendle, Malik Johnson & Marlene Ballena

Oct 27, 2021

Karen Poole

with Alice Silva, Keenan Harmon & Brent Ballard

Sep 1, 2021

Arsena Schroeder

with Lenora Cox Leggatt, Leonard Mark Lewis & Chris Suter

Apr 14, 2021

WDAV Classical Public Radio
Fair Play music equity initiative

WDAV thanks OrthoCarolina for their support of NoteWorthy and their long-standing commitment to the work we do to build community through music. NoteWorthy is made possible, in part, by funding from ASC. WDAV and Fair Play thank Blumenthal Performing Arts for the use of Stage Door Theatre.

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