Did you know that many of America’s great Black writers and poets had connections to classical music? Folks like Langston Hughes and James Baldwin were very much aware of the struggles and successes on the musical side of things, but thanks to one composer, in particular, this relationship between Black music and Black poetry lives on, through song! Hi there – I’m Loki Karuna, and on this edition of Noteworthy we’re gonna explore this through the work of B.E. Boykin.

B.E. Boykin hails from Virginia, and was born into a very musical family who gave her the foundation she needed for a successful career as a composer and pianist. Well in addition to studying music, she’s always been keen on poetry, with this work of her’s, titled, “Moments in Sonder”, celebrating the works of the late great Maya Angelou.

In addition to having a catalog of art songs and choral works, Boykin’s accolades include awards and recognitions from Spelman University, the Washington Post, and even the NAACP! In many ways, Boykin’s music speaks, or rather, SINGS for itself, making her without a doubt one of today’s most noteworthy composers.

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