If you had to put yourself into a single archetype, which would it be? Do you see yourself as a warrior? Maybe you’re more of a lover or an explorer. Well no matter where you would assign yourself, I think it’s always important to honor the people who consider themselves caregivers, first and foremost. If it weren’t for caregivers, there would be so many who wouldn’t receive the support they need. And, if it weren’t for caregivers, there might not be this composition to celebrate, either. Hello – I’m Loki Karuna, and on this edition of NoteWorthy I’d like to invite you to celebrate the spirit of being a caregiver, by way of the music of Clarice Assad.

Clarice Assad is a Brazilian-American pianist, singer, and arranger who’s been performing, professionally, since age 7, if you can believe it. After growing up, she took on composition as a profession, collaborating with ensembles of all sizes, including the ensemble, Third Coast Percussion, in 2021. Together, they created a Grammy nominated album dedicated to different human archetypes, with this movement, highlighting the gentle beauty of caregivers.

Described as energetically bending music to her will, Clarice has continued her work, not only within western classical, but also jazz, Brazilian, and even experimental music. The care that she gives to her craft is much more than an archetype, but a way of life, making her one of today’s most essential musicians, and one of today’s most noteworthy composers.

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Pictured: Clarice Assad by Rodrigo Assad.