Maybe you’ve heard of neo classical music, as written by folks like Bartok or Stravinsky. But what about neo SOUL? Do you think it has a place in classical music today? Well I’ll tell you – ONE composer thinks it does, for sure. Hello – I’m Loki Karuna, and on this edition of Noteworthy I’d like to present the neo soul sounds of composer Damien Geter. While neo soul is, indeed, a subgenre within the broader scope of soul music, Damien sees no boundaries when it comes to what he infuses into his compositions. By way of orchestral music, chamber, and even OPERA, Damien has engaged music of the African diaspora as a means of bridging the gap between not only styles and aesthetics, but communities and audiences as well. This work TITLED Neo Soul was commissioned by All Classical Portland in 2020, and beautifully highlights his approach to doing so. While continuing to write for the stage, Damien Geter frequents performance spaces as a performer as well, appearing on operas, oratorios, and even television. He has a vision for the now that points to the future, and is one of today’s most Noteworthy composers.  Noteworthy is a production of WDAV classical public radio. Pictured: Damien Geter by Rachel Hadiashar.