Contemporary music has always been about showcasing something cutting edge. You know, music that excites, music that expands perspectives, music that offers a new sort of thrill for audiences to engage. This is, indeed, something that many of today’s composers continue to think about when they’re creating new pieces of music, but often times, something new and cutting edge is also something smooth, serene, and even tranquil. Hi there – I’m Loki Karuna, and on this edition of Noteworthy you and I are going to enjoy the peaceful pen of composer Dobrinka Tabakova.

Dobrinka was born in the country of Bulgaria, but she’s been based in the UK since 1991. After earning a PhD from King’s College in London, Dobrinka’s career took off, with works that showcase her ability to introduce audiences to today’s sounds – innovation in orchestral music, while also providing the warmth and comfort that not all new music centers. This Dobrinka Tabakova composition is a great example – a nocturnal moonlight inspired work titled Whispered Lullaby.

Celebration and praise of Tabakova is almost unmatched, with one writer declaring: The term “avantgarde” is changing and Dobrinka is one of those lending it a new meaning. The way Dobrinka warmly welcomes today’s audiences into the world of new music, in addition to her many other accomplishments, makes her one of today’s most Noteworthy composers.

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Pictured: Dobrinka Tabakova by Sussie Ahlberg/EMC Records.