I’m sure you’ve heard that it takes a village to raise a child. You may even have first hand knowledge of this reality. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I can still imagine that this must be the case for young musicians as well, wouldn’t you say? It’s been the efforts of a collective that have made musical careers possible for countless youth – many from here in the US, of course, but one, in particular, from the French speaking country of Haiti. Bonjour – I’m Loki Karuna, and on this edition of Noteworthy we’re all gonna celebrate the group effort that resulted in the music of M. Ludovic Lamothe.

Ludovic was born in Port-au-Prince, and was quickly identified as a musical prodigy after taking piano and clarinet lessons for only a short while. When a group of merchants from Germany learned about him, they set up a scholarship to send him to France to enhance his skills even further. Among those skills, were his skills as a composer! Here’s a sample of the music he would eventually create – a musical dance here, for solo piano.

Ludovic Lamothe didn’t leave his roots behind. After his French training, her returned to his home country where he worked as a musician until his death in 1953. Til this day, he’s celebrated as one of Haiti’s most significant and impactful musicians, and among history’s most Noteworthy composers.

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