You’ve heard of opera, right? And if so, I’m sure you’ve also heard of the unique sound of operatic singing. It’s a technique that you typically only hear in concert halls and on opera stages, but there are most certainly a few exceptions that exist out there! Hey – I’m Loki Karuna, and on this edition of Noteworthy we’re going enjoy operatic technique, as realized through a little dance music, featuring mezzo soprano Raehann Bryce Davis.

In recent years, Raehann has become a familiar name in the world of opera, with performances at the Met, in Los Angeles, and in countless opera houses across Europe. While her star is still shining bright in those spaces, she recently decided to branch out into a slightly different aesthetic, teaming up with composer Rene Orth to create this toe tapper – a tune they called I Praise the Dance.

If you’re interested in hearing Raehann in a more traditional setting, you have nothing to worry about! Her upcoming activities include lead operatic roles, recitals, and even a few masterclasses. But, it goes without saying that her dynamic musical flexibility and her incredible voice know no barriers or boundaries, making her one of today’s most Noteworthy figures in opera.

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Pictured: Raehann Bryce-Davis/